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School Sponsorship - Meet Astronaut Chris Hadfield
The Armchair Astronaut(TM) is a non-profit public outreach and engagement platform connecting the general public to space events throughout the United Kingdom. We independently promote any astronaut appearances in Europe and any public space events in the United Kingdom.

We are a family run charity, teachers and trainers by profession, with a burning passion for the STEM subjects especially the space sciences. TheArmchairAstronaut.co.uk was founded on over 20 years of involvement in UK space events, both educational, private and commercial events, in either some aspect of teaching, event management or as a fare-paying audience member. However we also missed a lot of opportunities to meet astronauts and attend space events, essentially due to poor or non-existent advertising by the event organizers who were often restricted in their capabilities due to inefficient funding or resources.

So in 2016 we secured private funding and launched our website TheArmchairAstronaut.co.uk to serve as a public outreach and engagement platform for the benefit of all UK space events, their organisers and audience, free for everyone, always.

As an independent publicist we aim to support event organizers by including their events in our online events directory, our UK events map, social media and e-messaging systems, for FREE, without bias or prejudice, for the dual purpose of both public awareness of these opportunities and those events being a success in terms of attendance.

We often sponsor space events by providing funding and/or services. This is predominately aimed at schools and teachers attending space events but can include all public outreach and engagement. We have successfully arranged private audiences with astronauts, video talks with astronauts, discounted event tickets, free event tickets, astronaut signed memorabilia, letter writing and astronaut response activities and school trips to space sites. At this time we are privately funded and do not charge any fees for any of our services and do not take a salary for the work we do.

We invite our members/friends/visitors/followers to visit our website where they will find a full list of UK space events and links direct to the event organizers in which to seek further information and purchase tickets where applicable. We charge no fees and take no commission!
In support of this we deliver all the latest space event news and announcements direct to our audience of over 21,000 members/friends/visitors/followers using social media on both Facebook and Twitter.

We are active in public outreach and engaging with space enthusiasts. We invest in finding people who are interested in space and connecting them with our website and online calendar of events. This is done through strategic marketing including paid advertising to reach our target audience of UK based space enthusiasts. While we do have a large following of space enthusiasts world-wide, 80% are UK based.

In January 2017 we promoted 72 public space events in the UK, reached an audience of over 150,000 space enthusiast (80% UK-based) and connected 6,888 visitors to event/ticket websites.

In February 2017 we promoted 65 public space events in the UK, reached an audience of over 120,000 UK space enthusiasts and connected over 8,353 visitors to event/ticket websites.

In March 2017 we promoted 86 public space events in the UK, reached an audience of over 129,000 UK Space enthusiasts and connected over 4,759 visitors to event/ticket websites.

In April 2017 we promoted 38 public space events in the UK, reached an audience of over 52,100 UK Space enthusiasts and connected over 934 visitors to event/ticket websites.

If you have any questions regarding our services please contact us. Thank you.

Rowland Lindill & Family
The Armchair Astronaut (TM)
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